Why Pacific Rim has me excited

Were just a few days away from May, arguably my favorite time of year as we see the major film studios begin to release all of the blockbuster films that will duke it out for our hard-earned cash this summer at the box office. It seems that every year the  summer movie season starts a little bit earlier and that’s no exception this year with Iron Man 3 just a few short days away here in the U.S.

While I in no way doubt that Marvel’s soon to be box office juggernaut will be one of my must see films this year, I have to say the movie that really has me most intrigued is July’s Pacific Rim (see the new trailer above). There is just something about this film that has my nerd senses tingling and I cant get enough of it.

Originality is something that can often be sorely lacking in Hollywood, especially when it comes to the big budget gambles that summer blockbusters can be.  I commend Warner Bros. for giving Guillermo Del Toro this chance to bring movie goers something different. The idea of giant mech robots going to battle against Godzilla like alien creatures sounds like something I invented in my head when I was 8 years old (Though my version would have also probably included ninjas and/or the cast of Gremlins) and to see a carefully produced film based on that concept smack in the middle of prime blockbuster real estate is just a joy for me.

It’s often hard to not let the hype I create in my own head for a film like this ruin it prematurely for me but I have a ton of faith in Del Toro’s steady guiding hand. He has a gift for creating both beautiful and horrifying creatures that have depth and leave and impression long after the film is over and if this preview is an indicator of what were in for I’d say July 12th is going to be a very fun day to go to the movies.