Breaking Bad custom Jeremy Scott x Adidas

I wont lie, I’ve never been a fan of the Jeremy Scott x Adidas “Bear” sneakers. They’ve always seemed like overkill for me and though I respect his art, it’s just never really been my thing. With that said, I have to show some love for what Revive Customs did with a recent pink pair.

Based on the iconic pink bear from “Breaking Bad” that often symbolized so many themes on the show, this pair has to be seen and appreciated by any fan of the series. Revive really outdid themselves with this pair. You can check out the image below or hit the link to see more pictures and their entire line of products.


2014 NBA All Star Jerseys are kind of the Worst

Okay, enough is enough. This is the NBA All Star game not the Soccer or Women’s Volleyball All Star game. I didn’t like the sleeved jerseys when they were first announced but I figured it was a one time event. Now after the terrible looking Christmas jerseys we have to deal with another set of awful looking All Star Jerseys. I love me some Adidas products but these jerseys show that not every “different” idea is a good one image

The New WWE Network Will Bring BIG Changes To The Way We All Watch TV


I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, this is gonna be BIG!! Now I hear some of you saying “I don’t even watch wrestling. Why should i care about this?” and that’s exactly why this whole thing is so huge. This is not just about wrestling, what WWE is doing here will revolutionize the way people use pay per view. It’s like what Netflix did but with bigger pay per view events. Mark my words, UFC and Boxing will soon follow.

Check out my original coverage of the launch announcement here: