Mezco Says We BETTER CALL SAUL With Their Newest BREAKING BAD Release

Mezco Toyz is at it again. After destroying the minds of our youth with their Walter White and Jessie Pinkman “drug dealer” toys, the company is bringing us another figure from their 6 inch BREAKING BAD line. This time, it’s none other than fan favorite Saul Goodman, who won over the hearts of viewers as the king of legal loopholes on the show.

Saul comes packaged with his signature wireless headset and even sports a light blue Wayfarer 515 awareness ribbon (the plane that crashed on the show) to let us know just how caring of a guy he really is.

You can pre-order this Saul Goodman figure from Mezco’s website right now for $18 and it will release this June, which is not too long after the first season of AMC’s BREAKING BAD spin-off, BETTER CALL SAUL comes to an end.


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