Mezco Toyz Plans To Keep SONS OF ANARCHY Alive


This past Tuesday night, SONS OF ANARCHY’s seven season ride came to a conclusion and left fans somewhat divided on the way series helmer Kurt Sutter chose to bring the story of Jax Teller and his band of outlaws to and end (for the record, I enjoyed the way it all played out).

Knowing fans are still clamoring for a little SAMCRO in their life, Mezco Toyz is preparing their next wave of SONS OF ANARCHY collectibles. We have already seen figures of Jax and Clay release, including special comic con variants and now the next wave is on its way. It looks like we’ll get some more Jax and Clay goodness as well as new figures of Jemma and fan favorite Opie.

Much like they did with their BREAKING BAD line, Mezco is showing that they plan to continue supporting popular franchises even after the shows have come to an end. You can check out some of the photos of upcoming figures below and all of Mezco’s line that’s available for order/preorder onMezco’s website.


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