Sasha Banks Vs Bayley In An IronWoman Match Is An Incredible Moment For Women’s Wrestling

If you’re a fan of the squared circle, you no doubt are aware of the amazing Women’s division in NXT. These women have for well over a year now provided fans with incredible moments and truly revolutionized the modern wrestling industry as it pertains to the way women are viewed as competitors. One of the biggest rivalries to date has been between the current NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and the absolutely incredible (and former champion) Sasha Banks. These two women put on a match for the ages at last month’s NXT TAKEOVER Brooklyn event and hype is currently through the roof for their rematch which will be taking place live this Wednesday at NXT TAKEOVER: RESPECT live on the WWE Network.

The special caveat of course is that this rematch will be a 30 minute IronWoman match which will see the two athletes pushed to their limit in a way that we’ve never before seen in a women’s match. The two will also be the official headliner of the show so this is a truly exciting moment for fans of women’s wrestling.

We’ve heard a lot on social media about #GiveDivasAChance and the #DivasRevolution but what these two women are doing (along with their sisters in arms from NXT) are where the true revolution is taking place and it’s not one that is revolutionizing a “divas” division or even a women’s division for that matter. What the ladies of NXT have done and will hopefully continue to do is revolutionize the entire pro-wrestling industry as a whole.

You can check out a fantastic promotional video for the match below and catch the live event this Wednesday 10/7 on the WWE Network.

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