Get to know The Rambler


Hey what are you doing here? Thanks for taking a few minutes to find out a little bit more about me. I’ll try to keep it simple enough for you.

Here’s some stuff about me in no particular order:

  • Real Name: Larry Gallagher
  • Occupation: I’m a husband, a father/chauffeur to 4 pretty great kids and I often have the unique opportunity to write and review things online. Over the past few years since walking away from the normal 9-5 office lifestyle I’ve made friends with some really awesome people and have been afforded the opportunity to check out some really cool events and products. I absolutely love being a blogger dad and couldn’t imagine going back to the old office life.
  • What do you write : A little of everything! Basically I like to write about my passions and that includes my family, gaming, comics, toys and of course sneakers. I have had my work featured everywhere from ESPN, to COMPLEX, to SOLE COLLECTOR and even worked at AINT IT COOL NEWS for a time.Currently I can be found spewing all types of nonsense with my awesome team over at as well as being featured as a freelancer at , and I also love Pro Wrestling and have has the pleasure of interviewing numerous superstars and legends over the years such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T and most recently Mick Foley.
  • Can you review my Stuff? : Sure!!! I always enjoy meting new creators and trying out new things. You can always reach me at one of the contacts below and I’d be happy to try out your product/item/story/etc.. and let the world know what I think about it.
  • What are you into? Thanks for asking. I’m a pretty eclectic guy and I’m always willing to check out something new or different. Some of my major loves are having fun with my kids and spending time visiting new places with them, toys and gaming, checking out movie releases on opening night (nothing like a respectful, fun, midnight crowd), eating a good steak (or anything delicious for that matter), watching great stand-up, listening to old wrestling stories from veterans of the business……. and man ohh man do I love me some sneakers (size 10/10.5 in case you’re asking)!!!

I’m sure there’s a lot more to tell but this should give you a decent idea of who you’re dealing with for now. Look forward to getting to know some of you as well!!



Twitter: @Writing_Rambler

Instagram: Writing_Rambler

SnapChat: Writing_Rambler

Pinterest: WritingRambler

Periscope: @Writing_Rambler

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