New Balance Launches All New Holiday Lineup

New Balance is gearing up for the winter season with an entire new lineup that is hitting shelves right now! There is plenty to get excited about and a little something for everyone on your list.

You can check some of the new looks below and pick them up now from your local New Balance retailer.


Men’s Made In USA Connoisseur American Painters Collection

new-balance-december-2014-1 new-balance-december-2014-2 new-balance-december-2014-3


Men’s 574 90’s Outdoor Collection

new-balance-december-2014-13 new-balance-december-2014-12 new-balance-december-2014-11 new-balance-december-2014-10


Women’s 574 90’s Outdoor Collection



Men’s 574 Stealth Collection

new-balance-december-2014-6 new-balance-december-2014-7 new-balance-december-2014-8


Women’s 574 Precious Metals Collection

new-balance-december-2014-4 new-balance-december-2014-5

New Balance Hooked Up With 3 Of The Hottest Sneakerheads For The Women’s Elite Edition Heritage 580 Collection


New Balance announced today that they will be releasing a Women’s Elite Edition Heritage 580 collection. The collection will be available in three different colorways and will feature pig suede and mesh uppers.

To celebrate the collection, New Balance hooked up with three of the hottest female sneakerheads on Instagram, Ericka Gilbert (@DamnnEricka), Ivelisse Cassas (@Soledevida) and Brittany Sklar (@Britta_Ruth920) to showcase the new shoes.

You can check out the collection below and pick up a pair for $99.95 when they release on July 1st.

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