The Manning Brother Are At It Again With Football Fantasy

You gotta give it to Peyton and Eli Manning, their DirectTV rap videos are becoming the stuff of Legends. This second video from the brothers is even better than the first with some great cameos.



NIKE ID KOBE 9 Multicolor Flyknit QS Came And Went Today

The elusive KOBE IX  (or 9 for those of you who don’t know your Roman numerals) flyknit multicolor made a quick appearance on NIKE ID today for a few hours labeled as a QS (quickstrike) release and was gone before most people even relized they were available again. The multicolor option has been very popular for the KOBE 9s on NIKE ID and the company creating this level of exclusiveness has just added to their legend. For a shoe that runs at a whopping $245 for a low cut design, Nike has convinced people these are must haves and fans are already desperately waiting and hoping Nike will release the option again soon. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled to Nike’s Twitter account (setting up notifications helps with that) for all the exclusive news.

kobe 9 multi

Interview with Theophilus London

theophilus london new balance
At the New Balance “Made in USA” Event on Wednesday, I had a chance to speak with Theophilus London. Always someone who is unique in his fashion styles with a fresh pair of kicks on his feet, Theophilus took a few minutes to share some thoughts with us and discuss his style, his love of sneakers and even his work with Kanye West on his new album.

LG: Thanks for taking some time to talk with us.

TL: What’s up man?

LG: Obviously you have a really unique style. How important is that Individualism to you? Has that been something you’ve always focused on, even from when you were a kid?

TL: Yeah, it’s something I focus on a lot. Even since my early years, I mean I don’t want to say childhood because I wasn’t really concerned with fashion as a child to be honest, but you know, early teenager life, I knew it would be important, because there’s a lot of people in the world and you know for me and what I’m doing you know, I wanted to be unique about it, but wanted to mostly be myself. I don’t care about being different, I knew what I was doing was going to be different regardless, so I didn’t have to worry about being different. I just had to worry about being myself and it takes a long time to find out your identity. You know you gotta make mistakes, you gotta take yourself out on dates, you gotta go shopping with yourself until you figure it out and once you figure it out, don’t change it.

LG: Now you just mentioned doing things by yourself and I recall reading something from Style that you wrote where you talked about going to the movies by yourself and having places to vibe out and relax on your own. Is that something you try to make sure you always get to do?

TL: Yeah man that’s super, super important. I actually just went to the movies today.

LG: What did you see? How was it?

TL: I saw Ida. It was cool. It was kinda this Polish movie about the old days so I was kind of like shaken up.

LG: Now with your own style in sneakers, I know you’ve said in the past you always loved Jordan’s especially when you were younger.

TL: Yeah, yeah.

LG: Was there any particular shoe that really got you started?

TL: Well definitely New Balance. That was definitely something I knew at a young age was something that made me feel “cozy” per se. That’s the word they use now right? I used to see a lot of my uncles and the elderly crowd adapting to New Balance and I always wanted to be older as a young kid. I was like “I don’t wanna be young, I wanna be old”, so I thought that was important.

LG: Now you just dropped your EP around Valentine’s Day, what’s next? What are you going to be doing now?

TL: Ohh yeah, yeah. Damn I’ve been working on this album for like 9 months, nah actually more than 9 months. I’ve been working on my new album “Vibes”. I’m really happy about it. It’s insane. It’s executive produced by Kanye, creative produced by Leon Ware. So basically I got to work with everyone I wanted to, like there’s some people on the project that I never thought I would get to work with that I wanted to. It’s just a very unique piece of work. The US version is actually only 8 songs sadly but I kinda hid 3 songs inside those 8 songs, so it’s really 11 songs. I’m really looking forward to it. The first single is coming out this summer featuring Kanye.

LG: Any timeframe we can expect the whole album to drop?

TL: Yeah, definitely like the end of August or the beginning of September. I definitely don’t want to hold it up anymore. I’ve been holding it up for mixing purposes to make sure it’s really mixed the right way and stuff like that.

LG: Well I appreciate speaking with you and best of luck with everything.

TL: Thank you man.

The online sneaker community has lost its mind yet again

So yesterday, we all saw the unexpected drop of the “Red October” Yeezy 2’s from Nike. No announcement, No warning…just a tweet and then all hell broke loose. Folks who swore they had no interest were fumbling to get online at a chance to own this enigma of a sneaker for retail price. In a quick 11 minutes, the dust had settled and the Yeezys and Kanye’s time at Nike were officially done. It was a crazy few moments and for what its worth it was a fun few moments. I tried and failed but it’s expected with so many people clamoring for a pair.


What happen after it is what really boggles my mind. Nike ID announced that they would be releasing something “UNREAL” today on their twitter page. To anyone who follows sneakers (pretty much everyone who was going crazy for the Yeezys yesterday) it was obvious from their post and the graphics pattern in the image they tweeted the release would be nothing more than the “NOLA GUMBO” all star options available of some of their shoes. I assumed anyone would realize this, but of course the internet is where idiocy thrives and here came the posts that Nike would have a limited Yeezy ID today or maybe a Jordan retro ID available. Has everyone lost the minds? It’s crazy how desperate people have become and how they just couldn’t accept they missed their chance for something rare.


Of course as I expected, NIKE ID tweeted out their “unreal” reveal and it was nothing more than the GUMBO designs. It looks fun to play with, as there are plenty of new options and choices including several new glow in the dark sole options. I recommend you go check it out but calm down before you head over. You were never getting ID versions of Yeezys today. 


Breaking Bad custom Jeremy Scott x Adidas

I wont lie, I’ve never been a fan of the Jeremy Scott x Adidas “Bear” sneakers. They’ve always seemed like overkill for me and though I respect his art, it’s just never really been my thing. With that said, I have to show some love for what Revive Customs did with a recent pink pair.

Based on the iconic pink bear from “Breaking Bad” that often symbolized so many themes on the show, this pair has to be seen and appreciated by any fan of the series. Revive really outdid themselves with this pair. You can check out the image below or hit the link to see more pictures and their entire line of products.


2014 NBA All Star Jerseys are kind of the Worst

Okay, enough is enough. This is the NBA All Star game not the Soccer or Women’s Volleyball All Star game. I didn’t like the sleeved jerseys when they were first announced but I figured it was a one time event. Now after the terrible looking Christmas jerseys we have to deal with another set of awful looking All Star Jerseys. I love me some Adidas products but these jerseys show that not every “different” idea is a good one image

The New WWE Network Will Bring BIG Changes To The Way We All Watch TV


I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, this is gonna be BIG!! Now I hear some of you saying “I don’t even watch wrestling. Why should i care about this?” and that’s exactly why this whole thing is so huge. This is not just about wrestling, what WWE is doing here will revolutionize the way people use pay per view. It’s like what Netflix did but with bigger pay per view events. Mark my words, UFC and Boxing will soon follow.

Check out my original coverage of the launch announcement here: