Is It 2016 Already?

Just yesterday I remember thinking how cool it was that we had finally reached 2015. After a year of seeing how we didn’t have real hover boards or pretty much anything back to the future 2 promised I was almost happy to see 2015 hit my rearview. The year wasn’t all bad (We did get an amazing new STAR WARS movie!!) but overall I’m looking forward to 2016 a lot more.

I’ve pretty much been in hibernation mode since mid December due to my kids and wife being home for break and getting smacked with a cold that I’m still not quite over yet. Also me spending my free time watching and re-watching THE FORCE AWAKENS took some time.

Nonethless, I hope you all had a great start to 2016 and I look forward to spending some fun times in 2016 with all of you.

Encouragement For Other Parents

As I constantly change and expand on the way I share things with the rest of the world, one thing always remains and that is being a parent. No matter what jobs I take or opportunities I have, balancing my “work life” around my family is something that is extremely important to me and I figured I should create a section on this blog to talk with other parents and share my own experiences.

Just a little (very compressed) history. I’m a 35yr old dad of 4 pretty interesting kids. We’ve got my oldest daughter who is now 16 (a pretty terrifying time for a dad), my 12yr old daughter, my 3 year old son and my 1.5yr old son. So yes I’m somewhat experienced with it all but there’s never a day where I’m not learning something new.

I have friends who are older and whose children have flown the coup and other friends who are just starting their journey as parents and I would say we all share commonality in one way: There’s always something new happening. In fact if I can give any advice to other parents out there who may be having a particularly difficult time with this whole “parenting thing”, it is simply that none of us really know what we are doing. Theres no true manual for how to raise a child because every child is different and wonderful in their own unique way. Your only job is to love them and help cultivate the gifts they have inside of them for the rest of the world to see. Sometimes just “showing up” and letting them know you care is 90% of it all.The other 10%, your guess is as good as mine.

I’m no genius and I’m sure there are some much better parents out there than me but I’d say if you provide your children with the love and care they need and make it a point to just be there for them when they need you, you’re already on the road to success.

Till the next one,


Sorry For The Hiatus

For those of you kind enough to spend your time reading the words that I write, I wanted to apologize for neglecting this blog for the past few months. Ive been continuing my work with and and have a few stories (below) that I enjoyed doing there if you want to check out.

Besides posting those, I just wanted to say I will attempt to be more committed to my posts here until the eventual apology I will have to post again in the future for neglecting it again (lol). That just seems to be the problem when you want to write but life just gets in the way. Kids don’t stop needing their dad and the world does not stop spinning but despite that, I will attempt to pick myself back up and move forward with those of you who are checking me out. I thank you for your time.

All the love,