STAR WARS Put Me In The Story Books Are Perfect For Young Fans

I recently had the opportunity to check out a fantastic service for young readers called PUT ME IN THE STORY. The concept is that parents can visit and after navigating a very easy to use system, they can create a personalized story books for their children starring some of the coolest licensed characters that kids know and love.

To my 3 yr old son’s (and my own) happiness, the great folks over at PUT ME IN THE STORY allowed me to make him two of their STAR WARS books which have gone on to become a part of his daily life. The two stories, STAR WARS: THE FORCE INSIDE and STAR WARS REBELS: BATTLE PLANS FROM DARTH VADER are awesome books for young fans of the series and both are fun way for them to learn more about their favorite heroes and villains while also seeing how and where they would fit into the STAR WARS universe.

Though my 3yr old is still currently in the process of learning exactly how to read, it in no way stops his passion for enjoying story time and having fun with some of his favorite books. Thankfully having the added option of him being able to see himself and his name included on the same pages as many of his favorite STAR WARS characters made him absolutely crazy for both books and he is constantly asking me to re-read them both to him and help him take the quizzes that determine if he leans more the the lighted or the dark. Currently he is way to happy about being a Sith….His mother and I are working on that one.

I can’t say enough good things about the PUT ME IN THE STORY books as they are a fun personalized way to share the joy of reading with your children at any age. In a time when toy prices have skyrocketed and every video game comes with costly DLC add ons that can run a parent into spending hundreds of dollars it’s nice to see a truly unique gift be available for a decent price. Each book will run you $29.99 – $39.99 but that does include all of the customization. On top of that PUT ME IN THE STORY also provided me with a special promo code to share that can be used right now that will give you half off any of the personalized STAR WARS books.

If you have kids who are STAR WARS fans, this is a no brainer and an absolutely wonderful way to give your kids a special gift that goes way beyond the usually toys or games.

Promotion Info:

December 4-6

Use code FORCE to get 50% off personalized Star Wars books from Put Me In The Story

For personalized Star Wars books only, excludes plush toys

This Xbox One Bundle Might Be The Best Deal You See This Holiday Season

I won’t pretend I’m not one of those people that has to have the newest video consoles when they first release. Ever since I’ve been old enough to earn and spend my own money I was there lined up on day one ( preordering nowadays) ready to see what the newest generation of gaming would bring. Despite that fact though, one of the most exciting things that happens after these systems release is the inevitable competition and price drops they will see as companies fight for gamers allegiance and mostly for their (and their parents) money.

This upcoming Holiday season looks to be no different as we will see the Wii U from Nintendo enter it’s 4th year, while the Sony PS4 and the Microsoft Xbox One enter their 3rd. While many wait for the holidays to score a system at its best deal, Microsoft has come out of the gate swinging and have announced they will be offering the Xbox One for $399 with an upgraded 1TB Hard Drive and 3 games:

 Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

– Rare Replay

– Ori and the Blind Forest

Though $399 is still somewhat steep for some, the value you are receiving can’t be denied. If you haven’t taken the plunge on an Xbox One yet, now just might be the prefect time. The bundle should be available in stores and online retailers in October.


My favorite Cyber Monday items

Whats up people! Cyber Monday is here and while not every retailer is offering great deals there are some awesome gems to be found. Here is a list you can use to hopefully save some cash because I know that is something we all want around the holidays.

Also, if you don’t do it already, USE EBATES!!!!! They send you money back for shopping there is literally no catch. whatever you buy they send you cash back. I earned about $45 in savings last month. That’s like 4-5 Chipotle burrito bowls with guacamole!!!

Hit the link below before you shop and save extra cash. YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!


As for the deals, here are my favorites:


Nintendo 3DS XL Walmart exclusive for $150. comes with new Super Mario Bros. 2 installed. Great deal! Normally $200 without the game!


T Mobile has the Iphone 6 with a free memory upgrade to 64GB. If you are in the market for a new iphone and arent locked in to your current carrier, this is a pretty sweet deal.


Ringside collectibles has a huge sale on wrestling toys. If you are a collector or have kids who are fans this is a must check out sale. some items are less than $1!!!!  Sales all day but the biggest saving end at noon!!


Nike has an awesome clearance sale with an extra 25% off going on. Use the code DOMINATE at checkout.


Amazon has 50% numerous Hasbro toys today. Definitely a great place to stock up for the little ones’ Christmas items. I was able to grab my son a STAR WARS REBELS lightsaber for $19.99


If you have $75 laying around you can get a $100 iTunes gift card from eBay right now.

fb92fb0b-1e42-447f-b68c-cc33e77918a8 has some nice deals going on today including season 1 & 2 of THE WALKING DEAD video game together on the XBOX ONE for only $25 (normally $50).

Well that is where I’ll be spending my $$$$ today. If you see anything else worth mentioning, leave a comment and definitely save some $ today if you are going to shop!!!