STAR WARS: Rogue One Sizzle Reel and Poster

Oh man summer is here and now all I can think about is December because the STAR WARS: Rougue One sizzle reel/Poster just released and wow do they look awesome!

Rogue One is set to be something really unique just because it’s the first film that takes place outside of the main “Episodes” and by what we’ve seen so far this could be the best STAR WARS film yet! you can check out the sizzle reel below and the new Poster up above. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!!!


Han Solo #1 Hitting Stores This June!

From Marvel:

STAR WARS: HAN SOLO #1 Punches it Into Hyperspace This June!

New York, NY – March 7th, 2016 – Everyone’s favorite scoundrel – now starring in his very own series! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce STAR WARS: HAN SOLO #1 – the newest Star Wars™ limited series coming to a galaxy far, far away and your local comic shops this June! A-list creators Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks hop in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon to bring you a swashbuckling tale of high adventure in deep space!

Han Solo has finally entered his ship into the Dragon Void Run – an infamous high-stakes race across the stars. You know, the race Han has dreamt of winning. Only there’s a catch – his entry into this legendary race is a top-secret undercover mission for Princess Leia and the Rebellion! Will he keep his mind on the mission? More importantly – can he manage to pull it off while still maintaining his lead in the race?!

The race is on as Han, Chewie and the Falcon blast off this June for the highly anticipated STAR WARS: HAN SOLO #1 – coming to comic shops and digital devices!



On Sale in June!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Will Join The Darkside In STAR WARS REBELS Season 2

Sarah Michelle Gellar who is still beloved by fans everywhere for her classic role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be joining her real life husband Freddie Prinze Jr. on the new season of STAR WARS REBELS. Revealed today to BuzzFeed, Gellar appeared in a promotional video showing off her new character “The Seventh Sister” who will be a Inquisitor sent to track down the rebels and specifically Ahsoka Tano. Her character looks to be wielding a spinning duel balled lightsaber, very similar to the Inquisitor from Season 1 of REBELS but no details have been given about the possible connection.

If you’re a fan of STAR WARS and haven’t given REBELS a chance yet, I highly recommend it. The first season of the show blew past my initial expectations and really is what made me feel that Disney owning STAR WARS is what’s best for the future of the franchise. With this new season looking to focus on the growth of the rebellion, the relationship between Ahsoka and Vader and connections to the past and future of STAR WARS, I couldn’t be more excited to check it out.

You can check out Gellar’s new chapter below and when STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 hits Disney XD on October 14th.


The Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty Subscription Box Is A Must Have For Fans

After the very costly Force Friday that will probably shave a few years off of my children’s college fund, I thought I was all STAR WARS’d out. I was wrong.

Unfortunately for my wallet and my soul, the unholy combination of Funko and Star Wars have come together to create its own subscription box in an attempt to become the single most addictive thing fans have seen in years. For the price of $25 every other month, subscribers will receive $50 worth of exclusive Star Wars goodies, including special T-Shirts and of course, rare Funko Pop figures. For an upfront yearly fee of $150 ($25 x 6 boxes) you’ll also snag a special annual reward once your first year is done.

Subscription boxes have been all the rage amongst fans for the past few years and have provided some pretty cool exclusives to chase after. With the launch of this Star Wars themed one it looks like we may see the most popular one to date, especially with the new film scheduled to hit theaters on December 18th.

You can check out all the details on the Smuggler’s Bounty signup page and you can believe I’ll be unboxing the first one when it arrives in November!


BIG HERO 6 Is Available Digitally And It Made My Son’s Night

Last night my 2.5 year old son was being particularly good before dinner time so I decided to treat him to watching a movie in our living room. What I didn’t realize was his favorite movie and the first film he ever sat through in a theater, BIG HERO 6, is now available for digital download.


The BluRay/DVD hits stores on 2/24/15 but I couldn’t wait, the film was just too much fun. I cant recommend this movie enough as a parent. It is a beautiful tale with tons of action and a lot of heart. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a must own and one of Disney’s best in years.

Suffice it to say, the little guy had a great time re-watching it.


Sweet Suite 14 And Blogger Bash NYC Sent Me To Toy Heaven

larrys full iphone 7 19 2014 068

This past Thursday and Friday in NYC I had the pleasure of checking out Sweet Suite 14 and the LEGO BATMAN 3 sponsored Bat-Tastic Breakfast, which were part of the larger Blogger Bash that was happening where bloggers and members of the press gathered to check out all of the awesome new toys for this holiday season. I had a great time visiting with different companies who completely made me feel like a kid again as I played and checked out everything from some very fun table top games from R&R GAMES, to a remote/radio controlled Dinosaur from SPINMASTERS named Boomer to some really awesome MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE tool sets from JUST PLAY that I know my sons are going to flip out over this Christmas.

larrys full iphone 7 19 2014 039

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Add into this, some of the “bigger boy” toys I got to check out as well from WALKING DEAD Brick Building Sets by MCFARLANE TOYS and 3 of the hottest holiday video games in DISNEY INFINITY 2.0, SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM and LEGO BATMAN 3 and you could say I enjoyed myself more than most. The entire time spent at the events were one of the most fun and enjoyable work evenings Ive had in a long time and I commend the organizers and companies for letting us all have such a great time.

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You can check out some of the other pics below and my coverage of SWEET SUITE 14 and the LEGO BATMAN 3 Breakfast at