Sorry For The Hiatus

For those of you kind enough to spend your time reading the words that I write, I wanted to apologize for neglecting this blog for the past few months. Ive been continuing my work with and and have a few stories (below) that I enjoyed doing there if you want to check out.

Besides posting those, I just wanted to say I will attempt to be more committed to my posts here until the eventual apology I will have to post again in the future for neglecting it again (lol). That just seems to be the problem when you want to write but life just gets in the way. Kids don’t stop needing their dad and the world does not stop spinning but despite that, I will attempt to pick myself back up and move forward with those of you who are checking me out. I thank you for your time.

All the love,


Under Amour Unveils New Steph Curry Jamie Foxx Campaign in NYC Last Night

I was in attendance last night as Under Armour unveiled their newest sneaker the “Curry One” last night in NYC. The shoe is the first in a signature line for number one all star vote-getter Steph Curry. The New Campaign “The Book Of Will” debuts this weekend during the NBA All Star game but Ive’ got a sneak peak for you right now.

Why I Took Off 6 Months from Sneakers

Any of you who follow me know how much I love sneakers. The past 6 month’s though have really been a time where I kind of stepped back from it all and just looked at the things that bother me about this hobby of mine. Thankfully Sole Collector gave me the opportunity to vent on these thoughts so hit the link and let me know what you think!


My favorite Cyber Monday items

Whats up people! Cyber Monday is here and while not every retailer is offering great deals there are some awesome gems to be found. Here is a list you can use to hopefully save some cash because I know that is something we all want around the holidays.

Also, if you don’t do it already, USE EBATES!!!!! They send you money back for shopping there is literally no catch. whatever you buy they send you cash back. I earned about $45 in savings last month. That’s like 4-5 Chipotle burrito bowls with guacamole!!!

Hit the link below before you shop and save extra cash. YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!


As for the deals, here are my favorites:


Nintendo 3DS XL Walmart exclusive for $150. comes with new Super Mario Bros. 2 installed. Great deal! Normally $200 without the game!


T Mobile has the Iphone 6 with a free memory upgrade to 64GB. If you are in the market for a new iphone and arent locked in to your current carrier, this is a pretty sweet deal.


Ringside collectibles has a huge sale on wrestling toys. If you are a collector or have kids who are fans this is a must check out sale. some items are less than $1!!!!  Sales all day but the biggest saving end at noon!!


Nike has an awesome clearance sale with an extra 25% off going on. Use the code DOMINATE at checkout.


Amazon has 50% numerous Hasbro toys today. Definitely a great place to stock up for the little ones’ Christmas items. I was able to grab my son a STAR WARS REBELS lightsaber for $19.99


If you have $75 laying around you can get a $100 iTunes gift card from eBay right now.

fb92fb0b-1e42-447f-b68c-cc33e77918a8 has some nice deals going on today including season 1 & 2 of THE WALKING DEAD video game together on the XBOX ONE for only $25 (normally $50).

Well that is where I’ll be spending my $$$$ today. If you see anything else worth mentioning, leave a comment and definitely save some $ today if you are going to shop!!!

NIKE ID KOBE 9 Multicolor Flyknit QS Came And Went Today

The elusive KOBE IX  (or 9 for those of you who don’t know your Roman numerals) flyknit multicolor made a quick appearance on NIKE ID today for a few hours labeled as a QS (quickstrike) release and was gone before most people even relized they were available again. The multicolor option has been very popular for the KOBE 9s on NIKE ID and the company creating this level of exclusiveness has just added to their legend. For a shoe that runs at a whopping $245 for a low cut design, Nike has convinced people these are must haves and fans are already desperately waiting and hoping Nike will release the option again soon. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled to Nike’s Twitter account (setting up notifications helps with that) for all the exclusive news.

kobe 9 multi

The online sneaker community has lost its mind yet again

So yesterday, we all saw the unexpected drop of the “Red October” Yeezy 2’s from Nike. No announcement, No warning…just a tweet and then all hell broke loose. Folks who swore they had no interest were fumbling to get online at a chance to own this enigma of a sneaker for retail price. In a quick 11 minutes, the dust had settled and the Yeezys and Kanye’s time at Nike were officially done. It was a crazy few moments and for what its worth it was a fun few moments. I tried and failed but it’s expected with so many people clamoring for a pair.


What happen after it is what really boggles my mind. Nike ID announced that they would be releasing something “UNREAL” today on their twitter page. To anyone who follows sneakers (pretty much everyone who was going crazy for the Yeezys yesterday) it was obvious from their post and the graphics pattern in the image they tweeted the release would be nothing more than the “NOLA GUMBO” all star options available of some of their shoes. I assumed anyone would realize this, but of course the internet is where idiocy thrives and here came the posts that Nike would have a limited Yeezy ID today or maybe a Jordan retro ID available. Has everyone lost the minds? It’s crazy how desperate people have become and how they just couldn’t accept they missed their chance for something rare.


Of course as I expected, NIKE ID tweeted out their “unreal” reveal and it was nothing more than the GUMBO designs. It looks fun to play with, as there are plenty of new options and choices including several new glow in the dark sole options. I recommend you go check it out but calm down before you head over. You were never getting ID versions of Yeezys today.