The game will look and feel similar to recent LEGO superhero games but with some new features added in like combo moves that look reminiscent of the old MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE games which is definitely not a bad thing for fans.

On top of all of the MCU plots and characters this game will also feature tons of non MCU (so far) characters from the comics and overall MARVEL Universe.

You can check out the trailer below and pickup LEGO MARVEL’S AVENGERS when it hits shelves on January 26th.

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Sweet Suite 14 And Blogger Bash NYC Sent Me To Toy Heaven

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This past Thursday and Friday in NYC I had the pleasure of checking out Sweet Suite 14 and the LEGO BATMAN 3 sponsored Bat-Tastic Breakfast, which were part of the larger Blogger Bash that was happening where bloggers and members of the press gathered to check out all of the awesome new toys for this holiday season. I had a great time visiting with different companies who completely made me feel like a kid again as I played and checked out everything from some very fun table top games from R&R GAMES, to a remote/radio controlled Dinosaur from SPINMASTERS named Boomer to some really awesome MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE tool sets from JUST PLAY that I know my sons are going to flip out over this Christmas.

larrys full iphone 7 19 2014 039

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Add into this, some of the “bigger boy” toys I got to check out as well from WALKING DEAD Brick Building Sets by MCFARLANE TOYS and 3 of the hottest holiday video games in DISNEY INFINITY 2.0, SKYLANDERS TRAP TEAM and LEGO BATMAN 3 and you could say I enjoyed myself more than most. The entire time spent at the events were one of the most fun and enjoyable work evenings Ive had in a long time and I commend the organizers and companies for letting us all have such a great time.

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You can check out some of the other pics below and my coverage of SWEET SUITE 14 and the LEGO BATMAN 3 Breakfast at