The WWE Needs To Give Sasha Banks And The Women Of Wrestling A Real Chance

During last week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, we as an audience were reminded just how absolutely lost the writers behind the scenes of the show truly are. During the first of two segments allowed to the women wrestlers…..I mean superstars……no wait I mean Divas, we saw the announcers acknowledge the incredible match from last week’s NXT: TAKEOVER RESPECT between Sasha Banks and Bayley.

There was a video package and even some nice quotes from respected press outlets showing just how important this moment was for women and the wrestling industry as a whole. Of course, this whole pomp and circumstance was shown in the background of yet another Nikki Bella vs Naomi match while Sasha Banks stayed on the outside of the ring being treated as just another interchangeable face in the Diva’s division.

The whole segment wasn’t a completely negative one though. As I mentioned there was that video package and the announcers did take some time to acknowledge Sasha’s achievement on NXT and they even played up the crowd chanting “we want Sasha” as part of the storyline to assuringly cause animosity between Team B.A.D. members Naomi, Tamina and Sasha but the problem was despite all that acknowledgment, nothing has changed for the women of the WWE on Monday night. Week in and week out we watch an interchangeable member of a three woman team face off against another interchangeable member of another three woman team.

The entire reason fans love the women of NXT is that while they were on NXT they were able to develop personalities and tell great stories. Sadly, on Monday nights they are treated as a group of beautiful females who fight each other. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

Sure, the term “Diva’s revolution” keeps getting thrown around and the announcers can try to play up nonexistent storylines all they want but in all honesty, fans who only watch on Monday nights have no reason to care about the ladies of the “Diva’s” division. If you are only watching Monday nights, the hype surrounding women’s wrestling and the “Divas revolution” probably doesn’t even make sense because there’s nothing happening on Mondays that supports a revolution or even anything slightly exciting for that matter.

I fully understand that despite my personal love for Sasha Banks and my devotion to tuning into NXT every week, most casual fans simply don’t watch NXT and probably don’t really understand how good Sasha and some of the other women from NXT truly are. The WWE Network boasts around 1 Million subscribers but even that doesn’t mean every one of those people actually watch NXT and when you look at the tens of millions of fans around the world you start to realize that despite how damn good the performers of NXT are, casual fans most likely don’t really understand that and when performers like Sasha are moved to Raw they need to have their talents showcased for the new larger audience, instead of being thrown into the background assuming everyone knows what they can do.

In the past, if superstars had a phenomenal match that absolutely “brought the house down” there would usually be a moment on Raw where the performers would come out and accept some praise from the crowd as a sign of respect. In Sasha Banks’ case, she got the video package and a slight acknowledgement in the overall “Bella” storyline but other than that, nothing special. Some would argue the fact that her even getting acknowledged should be enough but I’d argue it’s not. Sasha Banks and the ladies of NXT are not just some fad or flavor of the month, these women are the real deal and something we haven’t seen in a very long time.

In the case of Sasha Banks I’d say we are at the early moments of what could be a Hall of Fame career as she has the talent, personality and look that should skyrocket her to the top of the wrestling world and keep her there for a very, very long time. Unfortunately, on Monday nights, we as an audience are only told how good Sasha and the rest of the NXT women are and are rarely given the opportunity to them perform their craft.

How can a massive, live TV audience learn to appreciate just how good she is at being “The Boss” when she rarely as a mic in her hand now or even gets a 1 on 1 storyline for that matter? Sasha thrives when she has an opponent and a story she can sink her teeth into and unfortunately the storyline of “female team members are jealous of each other” (the same storyline that Team PCB is also currently performing by the way) just doesn’t do it. I have no doubt in my mind that if there’s a way for Sasha to make this jealously storyline work then she will absolutely knock it out of the park but the fact of the matter is she deserves better than this. In fact, all the Women of the WWE deserve better than this…..and so do we as fans.

Team BAD 3

Sasha Banks Vs Bayley In An IronWoman Match Is An Incredible Moment For Women’s Wrestling

If you’re a fan of the squared circle, you no doubt are aware of the amazing Women’s division in NXT. These women have for well over a year now provided fans with incredible moments and truly revolutionized the modern wrestling industry as it pertains to the way women are viewed as competitors. One of the biggest rivalries to date has been between the current NXT Women’s Champion Bayley and the absolutely incredible (and former champion) Sasha Banks. These two women put on a match for the ages at last month’s NXT TAKEOVER Brooklyn event and hype is currently through the roof for their rematch which will be taking place live this Wednesday at NXT TAKEOVER: RESPECT live on the WWE Network.

The special caveat of course is that this rematch will be a 30 minute IronWoman match which will see the two athletes pushed to their limit in a way that we’ve never before seen in a women’s match. The two will also be the official headliner of the show so this is a truly exciting moment for fans of women’s wrestling.

We’ve heard a lot on social media about #GiveDivasAChance and the #DivasRevolution but what these two women are doing (along with their sisters in arms from NXT) are where the true revolution is taking place and it’s not one that is revolutionizing a “divas” division or even a women’s division for that matter. What the ladies of NXT have done and will hopefully continue to do is revolutionize the entire pro-wrestling industry as a whole.

You can check out a fantastic promotional video for the match below and catch the live event this Wednesday 10/7 on the WWE Network.

Sorry For The Hiatus

For those of you kind enough to spend your time reading the words that I write, I wanted to apologize for neglecting this blog for the past few months. Ive been continuing my work with and and have a few stories (below) that I enjoyed doing there if you want to check out.

Besides posting those, I just wanted to say I will attempt to be more committed to my posts here until the eventual apology I will have to post again in the future for neglecting it again (lol). That just seems to be the problem when you want to write but life just gets in the way. Kids don’t stop needing their dad and the world does not stop spinning but despite that, I will attempt to pick myself back up and move forward with those of you who are checking me out. I thank you for your time.

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Roman Reigns Keeps It Heel

I listened to the always entertaining Sam Robert’s Podcast this morning and he had a really interesting/quick interview with Roman Reigns on. Granted the talk took place on the Friday before this past weekend’s controversial Royal Rumble, in which we saw Reign’s win the event and then get showered with Boo’s from the rowdy Philadelphia crowd, but the content was very timely nonetheless.

Sam addressed the issue of fans not reacting Roman in general and people saying he isn’t ready to be “The Guy” because he hasn’t mastered his mic skills yet. Reigns replied by explaining that basically he loves the fans but he is here to provide for his family and make his money while he can. It was a very honest answer and a respectable one at that but it was the way he delivered it that almost had a “heel” persona to it. The response made me think WWE might have something pretty cool on their hands if they just allow Reigns to run with the Boo’s from the crowd.

As a wise man once said, “Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.”


My favorite Cyber Monday items

Whats up people! Cyber Monday is here and while not every retailer is offering great deals there are some awesome gems to be found. Here is a list you can use to hopefully save some cash because I know that is something we all want around the holidays.

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Well that is where I’ll be spending my $$$$ today. If you see anything else worth mentioning, leave a comment and definitely save some $ today if you are going to shop!!!

The New WWE Network Will Bring BIG Changes To The Way We All Watch TV


I’ve said it before and Ill say it again, this is gonna be BIG!! Now I hear some of you saying “I don’t even watch wrestling. Why should i care about this?” and that’s exactly why this whole thing is so huge. This is not just about wrestling, what WWE is doing here will revolutionize the way people use pay per view. It’s like what Netflix did but with bigger pay per view events. Mark my words, UFC and Boxing will soon follow.

Check out my original coverage of the launch announcement here: